Chimney Sweep Services

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Chimney Sweep Services

A Smart SweepChimney Cleaning Services Chelmsford will carry out all forms of cleaning for both large and small scale jobs from mobile homes to large buildings with multiple chimneys.

  • Aga’s

  • Rayburns

  • Open Fires

  • Multifuel Stoves

  • Oil Burners

  • Gas Fires

  • Canal Boats

  • Mobile Homes

  • CCTV Camera Inspections

Many insurance companies will no longer pay out for claims made due to chimney fires unless the chimney has been swept by a professional chimney sweep and a recognized chimney sweeping certificate has been issued. Also if the fire brigade are called out due to a chimney fire and it is proven that the chimney has not been maintained properly the local council can bill you for the call out, and in some cases this has been known to exceed £2000 per fire crew. Clean chimneys do not catch fire.

After a chimney has been swept, the Chimney Sweep shall issue a NACS Certificate to the householder or property owner stating that a chimney has been swept in accordance with the Code of Practice issued by National Association of Chimney Sweeps. A date for subsequent re-sweeping should be recommended. Source: NACS

The certificate is recognised by local councils, housing associations and insurance companies.

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